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The situation for England is perilous. Still reeling from its own Protestant-Catholic strife, England is a second-rate power under constant threat from Spain's mighty Armada. With unflinching resolve and magisterial bravery, Queen Elizabeth survives assassins and traitors to instill in her people the pride and courage necessary to defeat Spain and define England. No one will ever equal, much less surpass, Flora Robson's depiction of Queen Elizabeth.
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Nobility 1019N
Price: $19.99
A family practitioner and his psychiatrist wife have a son named Tony, “a miserable little scrag” with a “diabolical habit of placing on pictorial record everything which attracts his attention.” Take a realistic drawing with a little biological correctness, mix in a little barley water, and before you know it you have "the Karl Marx Brothers"?
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Price: $19.99
Nobility 1005N
Along with the Nobility Studios original production
Nobility 1021N
Price: $24.99
This DVD should be in every home, in every collection, in every classroom!
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A double feature!  The 1955 Academy Award® winning documentary and the Nobility Studios original production together reveal the brilliance and greatness of Helen Keller that grew throughout her life and continually astounded the world.