Nobility Studios

Of this you may be certain: Everything produced by Nobility Studios will be worthwhile, entertaining, and of lasting value. Indeed, the very word "Nobility" indicates the quest for excellence.

We maintain a large and ever-growing library of exceptional Motion Picture Films. We DO NOT use the commonly available so-called "Public Domain" tapes for our DVDs. This is important, for it means that a title purchased from us will always be of the highest possible quality from the best sources available.  We do extensive research, as well as  considerable creative assembly, editing, and scanning. Consequently, all of our releases are copyrighted, and none are in the public domain.

Our restorations of classic films are always non-destructive, even if it means leaving an age-related artifact in order to preserve visual continuity.  Both sound and picture are always digitally remastered using very advanced new digitizing technologies.

The Nobility Music Collection is also remastered from otherwise lost traditional New Orleans Dixieland Jazz.  Modern digital techniques bring new life to superb original recordings right from the old French Quarter with a form and quality never before released.
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