Price: $19.99
John Stuart · Elizabeth Allan
Mary Glynne · Jack Hawkins

Featuring Performances by
Billy Mayerl · Tudor Davies

Directed by
Maurice Elvey
With inspiration drawn from the music of the same name by Sir Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame), this movie is a romance about the search to re-find that stumbled-upon "great Amen", that "harmonious echo" which quiets "pain and sorrow" and overcomes the "strife from our discordant life" - that love which links "meaning into one perfect peace".

This movie has it all: from illicit affairs to swashbuckling, from England to Italy and "the Argentine".

But especially rewarding is the very rare opportunity to see the renowned tenor, Tudor Davies, sing and Billy Mayerl at the piano playing his own very popular piece, Marigold.
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