Emma Barrett
the Bell Gal
Performing at Dixieland Hall
(Nobility 711)

Of Emma Barrett, Al Clark, the founder of Dixieland Hall, wrote:

History cannot help but record that Sweet Emma Barrett was the uncrowned New Orleans jazz queen of the 1960's. Indeed, although she had always been popular even since the 1920's, her real fame began with her first appearance at Dixieland Hall.  Louis Cottrell asked if he could bring her in as a relatively unknown substitute piano player for Lester Santiago who was ill at the time. I knew who she was from a local television interview, and I agreed with anticipation.

I vividly remember our first meeting. She arrived before any other musician, her head topped with a bright red beanie tam and, from garters underneath her long red dress, came the tinkly sound of bells. Yes, this was "Sweet Emma the Bell Gal," and she was unmistakable!

Interviewed by David Brinkley, appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show and several times at Disneyland, Sweet Emma had an enthusiastic musical style which was always joyful, her feet happily thumping and dancing (and the bells jingling) in time at the piano. This was definitely her show, and, as you will hear, she did not hesitate to shout out instructions to her band during a performance. The audiences adored her, even asking for Sweet Emma long after her death in 1983. She had become internationally known and loved.

This recording was made when Sweet Emma was 71 years old and at the very peak of her career.
The Music
1. Somebody Stole My Gal
2. Chinatown (Click to Listen)
3. Bye and Bye
4. When Youíre Lonesome
5. Bill Bailey
6. Down in Honky Tonk
7. I Ainít Gonna Give Nobody
       None of My Jelly Roll
8. Yes, Sir, Thatís My Baby
9. Black and Blue
10. St. Louis Blues
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