Barbarin's Best
Paul Barbarin and His Band
at Dixieland Hall
(Nobility 707)

While he and his band were setting up for the performance presented on this recording, Paul Barbarin discussed the evening's repertoire, saying:

“Today we have two great trumpet men for this album, Ernie Cagnolatti and Avery 'Kid' Howard. For a long time I’ve been wanting to get Cagnolatti’s version of 'Maryland. My Maryland' on record. He also does several other numbers in a very special way.  On 'Maryland' we’re going to be very traditional, very parade and military. I’ll be using mostly the snare on this. It should come out nice and crisp.”

Shortly thereafter, barricaded behind his drums and supremely at home, Barbarin nodded to Cagnolatti and the result is a very great “Maryland,” indeed.

Barbarin’s “parade beat” is the greatest and was cherished by such cognoscenti as Louis Armstrong, a lifelong friend and admirer, Pete Fountain and others.  But Paul’s vibrant and virtuoso technique is capable of many shadings. When the occasion demands, he is explosive, inventive, and dramatic, yet he can lay down the smooth, strong, unobtrusive style of Creole elegance – all the versatility of a great drummer.

Second Line deserves special attention. This Barbarin composition is a jazz classic dear to the hearts of New Orleans, for it has all the rich, heady flavor of Barbarin’s “Onward Brass Band,” for which his father and Louis Cottrell’s father played long ago.

Little Liza Jane ushers in the exuberant “Kid” Howard, along with the “Dixieland Hall Choir,” spontaneously organized from the audience. Back of Town and Tiger Rag have the old-time “kitty-hall” flavor that is the hallmark of Dixieland Hall sessions.  Although wonderfully familiar and played many times, on this album these favorites are truly unique, and must be included among Paul Barbarin’s greatest offerings.
The Music
1. Second Line
2. What Can I Say
       After I Say I’m Sorry
3. Maryland,
       My Maryland
4. Sugar Blues
5. Tiger Rag (Click to Listen)
6. Little Liza Jane
       with the “Dixieland Hall Choir”
7. Back of Town Blues
8. Pallet on the Floor
9. High Society
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